Being an artist as a profession for almost 30 years has been a wild ride.   It has had many moments of mountain peak bliss along with long-lasting trudges through murky trails.  In the midst, i have tried to keep my work true.  While looking for new channels for creativity, I began thinking about doing an ABC book and using my elongated whimsical figures as the letters.  Instead,  my own story about growing up with a speech impediment came out quite unexpectedly.  "ELLEN: The Little Girl Who Found Her Voice", was published in 2015. Writing and illustrating from a child's perspective felt so wonderfully lighthearted. The experience was broadening and freeing and encouraged me to continue along this path.  In 2018, I revisited the ABC book idea.  "HOW HORSES MAKE ME FEEL: An Alphabet Book", launched my publishing and design company Throw Me A Carrot, LLC.   

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance is grateful to Ellen Skidmore for her support and is honored to be a beneficiary of her book, How Horses Make Me Feel. The TAA is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that accredits, inspects, and awards grants to approved aftercare organizations to retire, retrain, and rehome thoroughbreds.

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